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Top 20 Reasons Why Women Are Applying to LeapCast’s Spring Retreat

  1. I want to be remembered as someone who turned on the switch for others.
  2. I am so ready for change, but need some guidance.
  3. I’m a good cheerleader for other people, yet for myself, I come up with all the reasons why something can’t be accomplished.  I want that to change!
  4. I want to eliminate my tendency to say that I am going to do something really hard and then back down because it’s too challenging or because I just make excuses.
  5. I want to find focus in a safe and supportive environment.
  6. As a women entrepreneur, it can be difficult to receive feedback and focus on my own development while I also try to grow my business and develop my employees!
  7. I’m scared of putting myself “out there”; claiming my value and worth without making excuses for it.
  8. I want to branch out and meet new go-getter women.
  9. I want to belong to a new community of people who are striving to do something big and fabulous in their world!
  10. I’m really hard on myself that my passions haven’t resulted in a long-term career.
  11. I want to to filter out the expectations of those around me, as well as my own self- imposed expectations.
  12. I know that I can do more.
  13. The voice in my head says “yes, BUT“.
  14. I know that part of inspiring change and creating a fulfilling yet untraditional path is having a tribe of like-minded individuals around you who are doing the same.
  15. I want to find focus in a safe and supportive environment.
  16. My current job is so busy; it’s hard to find time and feel motivated to continue to pursue my passions.
  17. I want to eliminate the feeling that I can’t achieve a career that fulfills me.
  18. I’m not happy with a traditional career path.  I want to connect with a community of like-minded women who aren’t afraid to travel off the beaten path and blaze their own trail.
  19. I have this feeling that I should be living a bigger life.
  20. I want to gain the strength to leap and find my way.

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Vulnerability Is Not Weakness

brene glptvBrene Brown’s take on a retreat she reluctantly attended:

“It really changed my life. They were a group of people where we made an agreement that we’d be vulnerable and brave together. And that we would create a space for each other where we’d never have to shrink when we were really proud of what we were doing, and we’d never have to puff up when we were feeling small and ashamed. We were all going to be brave together and take our licks together. It was life-changing for me.”  See full interview at http://www.goodlifeproject.com/brene-brown-vulnerable/

Need a retreat of your own?! Check out: http://leapcastblog.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/leapcast-spring-retreat/

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LeapCast featured on the Chicago Ideas Week Ideasphere!

Presenting… LeapCast: A Podcast Hosted by Leah Marshall
Stories to help you push past limiting beliefs & take action on what makes you come alive

Why LeapCast?
I was inspired to start LeapCast because I’m finding that there are so many incredible people out there who wish to do more with their lives but they lack a clear roadmap or the connections to do so.  They get stuck and don’t know how to take that first step. Or they spin their wheels and stay put.  Yet I know they’re capable of so much more!

LeapCast offers a solution to this. The podcast takes you into the minds of ordinary heroes who’ve pushed past their doubts and fears to do what makes them come alive.  Through inspiring stories of what’s possible, I want LeapCast to help activate a community of people to push past limiting beliefs, bounce back from failure, and take action on the ideas that give meaning to their lives.

Ultimately, LeapCast unites a community of extraordinary people, all committed to filling their lives with what makes them come alive, and to helping each other do the same.

Curious to hear more? Listen to Episode #1 here.

Note: Just to set listener expectations- here’s what Ira Glass was producing 8 years into his radio career!

Special thanks to TribU and Casey Baker’s podcasting course through the Chicago Tribune!  Check out other TribU classes here.

Find LeapCast on Twitter: @LeapCast

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Announcing…the LeapCast Spring Retreat!

LeapCast’s Spring Retreat is an intimate and catalytic gathering of passion-seeking, trailblazing women, all hungry to connect with other superwomen and take action on what makes them come alive.

The vision for the LeapCast Retreats came out of a realization that we often wish to do more with our lives yet lack the roadmap to do so.  We get stuck and don’t know how to take that first step. We spin our wheels and stay put.  Yet we know we’re capable of so much more.  LeapCast retreats offer a solution to this- a community of extraordinary women, all committed to filling their lives with what makes them come alive, and helping each other do the same

On  April 27th-28th, we’ll be launching a pilot retreat for 12 special women.  If you’re looking to share your goals and challenges, invest incredible people in your journey, and join a safe space where vulnerability, authenticity, and boldness are celebrated, you’re perfect for LeapCast.  

LeapCast Spring Retreat includes:

  • Catalytic Convening: Saturday, April 27th from 5pm – Midnight
  • Breakthrough Brunch: Sunday, April 28th from 9am-11:30am  

Price includes gourmet dinner & brunch by acclaimed Chef and Founder of The Cooking Chicks, Vanessa Moses, all LeapCast retreat materials, & even some special goodies to take home with you

*Space is limited & applications close April 21st.  A diverse group of dynamic women will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • You are hungry for change and are willing to do the work and face the hurdles that accompany growth
  • You want to do more with your life but don’t know where to start
  • You refuse to let past setbacks or failures deter you

LeapCast Retreat

connect with superwomen * push past limiting beliefs *  take action on what makes you come alive