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LeapCast Podcast Episode #3 – Chantal Pierrat

CP-Head-Shot-2-Web-300x200LeapCast Podcast Episode #3 has arrived!  Hear from Chantal Pierrat, the visionary founder of Emerging Women Live, a 3-day convening of transformational women leaders including many of my personal heroes (Brene Brown, Kelly McGonigal, Tara Sophia Mohr, and Kristen Neff.)  Tune in to learn what inspired Chantal to start Emerging Women Live, the fears that surfaced as she was launching, and how she pushed past them.  For more information on Emerging Women Live, visit: http://www.emergingwomen.com 

Ready?  Click here to listen!  

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Feelings Potluck Sat. Aug. 24th // Theme: Enough

Hey y’all,
I’m excited to announce some new enhancements to Feelings Potlucks (FP)!

1. Each week, we’ll have a theme and “appetizer” (pre-work) questions to get you thinking about how that theme relates to your life, in advance of us coming together
2. We’re bumping up the start time to 7:30pm, and asking y’all to stay until at least 10pm, to ensure that we’re able to go deep together!
3. We’ll be hosting 2 Feelings Potlucks per month.  The first Saturday of the month will be for veterans of FP; the 3rd Saturday of the month will be for newbies.
4. We’re limiting the group size to 6 total, to ensure that everyone gets a chance to meaningfully share and contribute

We hope these tweaks will make FP better than ever.  In the meantime, feel free to continue to suggest more ideas and feedback!

The theme for the next Feelings Potluck on Saturday, August 24th [7:30pm-10pm] is “Enough.”

Enough” will be open to the first 5 people who RSVP.  Please noodle on the following appetizer questions in advance and come prepared to discuss:

1. In what ways do you feel like you are enough in your life?  That you have enough in your life?  That you’ve accomplished enough in your life?

2. In what ways don’t you feel like you are enough?  In what ways don’t you feel like you have enough?  In what ways don’t you feel like you’ve accomplished enough?

3. In what areas of your life do you feel scarcity/lacking (i.e. Professional achievement?  Free time?  Rest/Relaxation?  Love?  Money?)  In what areas do you feel great abundance?

4. Are there any areas of your life where you perceive great scarcity/lacking, but everyone else perceives you as having great abundance?  To what do you attribute this disconnect?

5. How do you act when you feel like you don’t have enough?  Do you try to numb or escape from the feelings?  Do you share them with a friend or keep them to yourself?  Do you try to face them or repress them?

Whew!  Heavy stuff.  But so important.  Looking forward to digging in with all of you!

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LeapCast is Looking for a Fall Retreat Co-Host!

If you are passionate about helping other women to…

  • Push past limiting beliefs
  • Take action on what makes them come alive
  • Live with less judgment, more self-compassion, and more authenticity
  • Connect in meaningful ways with other women

…then we want to hear from you!  Our ideal candidate is passionate about personal growth, coaching others, and leading a more balanced, blissful life.  Responsibilities include support with planning and logistics, applicant selection and communications, and programming.

While this is not a paid position, perks include: complimentary retreat participation, accommodations, and gourmet cuisine; the opportunity to shape the lives of superwomen striving to do more and be more in life, and the opportunity to gain valuable personal development tools to fuel your own journey and path.
For more information, visit LeapCast Retreats or contact Leah at leahkmarshall@gmail.com.

About LeapCast Retreats
LeapCast Retreats unite extraordinary superwomen for a 3-day plunge into the questions and conversations that activate us to take action on what makes us come alive.  LeapCast creates a space where authenticity and vulnerability are celebrated, where you can share your challenges and fears without judgment, and where you can join others on their journeys and invest superwomen in your own.

On November 1st-3rd, 2013, I’ll be hosting our second LeapCast retreat for 10 special women.

A diverse group of dynamic women will be selected who:

  • Are hungry for change and are willing to face the hurdles that accompany growth, together
  • Have brilliant ideas, but struggle to act on them
  • Sometimes feel derailed by overwhelm, anxiety, and self-doubt
  • Want to live bigger, more “all in”, and more courageously
  • Refuse to let past setbacks or failures deter future goals

LeapCast Retreats: connect with superwomen * push past limiting beliefs *  take action on what makes you come alive

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Musings // July Feelings Potluck

“Creativity, change, and innovation require vulnerability.”
“I’m at a crossroads and I feel paralyzed by the choices.”
“I’m trying to become more aware of where I’m putting my energy, how others’ energy affects me, and only putting energy into what’ll give energy back to me.”
“I felt like I was always running around and doing because I was unhappy, but what was I running to?”
“Once you’re actually aware of your thoughts and choices, it’s incredible the changes you’re able to make.”
“My performance used to define my worth.”
“I’m trying to combat the peer pressure and temptation to always be doing, out of fear of missing out or being left out.”
“Vulnerability is the best decision I made, but it’s scary as hell. When I decided to be my most vulnerable, I didn’t have a group like this- that’s so important.”
Feelings Potlucks are intimate, potluck dinners for change-seeking women. 

Every month, LeapCast brings together a select group of extraordinary women to discuss living more boldly, more authentically, and more blissfully!  If you’re interested in joining a upcoming Feelings Potluck, please contact host Leah Marshall at leahkmarshall@gmail.com for more information. 

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LeapCast Podcast Episode #2 – Bela Gandhi

Bela Gandhi WEB smallLeapCast Podcast Episode #2 has arrived! Hear from the woman whom the Huffington Post refers to as “The Fairy Godmother of Dating,” Bela Gandhi.

Bela is a frequent contributor to CNN, ABC News, Fox News, the Chicago Tribune, Crain’s, North Shore Magazine, Match.com, and many more.

Tune in to learn about Bela’s unconventional leap from a high-powered career with Arthur Andersen to pursuing her passion.

Like what you hear? Follow @LeapCast on Twitter for show updates and promotions. Ready?  Click here to listen!