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LeapCast Podcast Episode #3 – Chantal Pierrat

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CP-Head-Shot-2-Web-300x200LeapCast Podcast Episode #3 has arrived!  Hear from Chantal Pierrat, the visionary founder of Emerging Women Live, a 3-day convening of transformational women leaders including many of my personal heroes (Brene Brown, Kelly McGonigal, Tara Sophia Mohr, and Kristen Neff.)  Tune in to learn what inspired Chantal to start Emerging Women Live, the fears that surfaced as she was launching, and how she pushed past them.  For more information on Emerging Women Live, visit: http://www.emergingwomen.com 

Ready?  Click here to listen!  

One thought on “LeapCast Podcast Episode #3 – Chantal Pierrat

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