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Announcing…LeapCast Dance Crew!

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Do you spend hours dancing in front of your bedroom mirror?  Do you live for the next cheesy dance movie to come out?  Do you come alive on the dance floor?!  Me too.


That’s why this year, LeapCast is teaming up with one of the best dance teachers in Chicago to form the LeapCast Dance Crew, a month-long choreographed hip hop class. Each week, we’ll learn new choreography and new moves– by week 4, we’ll have learned a full hip hop routine! Not good at dancing? No sweat- this is about letting loose and having fun. It’s also about finding new ways to stay fit in 2014!

Curious what Dance Crew’s like?  Click the picture below for a video sneak peek into our Winter 2014 Crew!


LeapCast Dance Crew II (Spring 2014) will meet Saturdays from 4-5pm at the Ruth Page Dance Center (1016 N. Dearborn) on March 22nd, April 5th, April 12th, and April 19th.


“I joined Leap Cast Dance Crew looking for a fun form of exercise.  Truthfully, I was nervous to start because past dance classes left me feeling intimidated, like I wasn’t good enough and couldn’t learn as fast as others. Thanks to Melissa’s encouragement and continual invitation for feedback, I felt comfortable asking for the support I needed to learn the steps.  An unexpected result is that Leap Cast Dance Crew ignited a joyful spark in me to move my body more in life!  I take dance breaks during the day. I dance down the aisle at the grocery store.  I dance when I want to get out of my head and into my heart.  And I can now move my body in ways that look super cool!  I recommend anyone sign up if your heart feels inspired.  If nothing else, it’s just bad*ss to be able to say you’re in a dance crew!  Gina Marotta, Happiness Coach & Intuitive Guide

“Dance crew has been a blast! Not only is Melissa a great teacher, she is so full of energy and tons of fun.  I always look forward to class every weekend and will definitely miss it!”  -Teresa

“Dance Crew reinvigorated my workout, got me through the worst of the Chicago winter, and got my hips moving. Thanks Leah and Melissa, for making it so much fun!”  -M.C., Chicago


Complete your registration information here.


Melissa Metro(1)

Melissa Metro is an exceptional hip hop and house choreographer and an experienced fitness and yoga instructor with Joel Hall Dance Centre, Lou Conte Dance Studio, Ruth Page Center for the Arts, Lakeshore Sport and Fitness, and XSport Fitness.  Melissa’s classes draw a large and loyal following because she makes dancers of all levels feel both welcome and challenged.  Her instruction is highly personalized and she has a knack for “meeting you where you’re at.”  Melissa’s style is entirely her own, blending aspects of hip hop with her own playful twist.


I was thrilled when Melissa said, “Yes!” to this collaboration.  LeapCast is all about living more boldly, more authentically, and more blissfully.  What better way to reconnect with our authentic selves than through dance, music, and self-expression?  I can’t imagine a better choreographer for this and I can’t wait to take LeapCast to the next level with LeapCast Dance Crew!

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