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November Feelings Potluck – Facing Our Fears

Tonight, LeapCast will be digging in to the topic of “Facing Our Fears.”  In advance, we’ll all be noodling on:

1. Where is fear or self-doubt surfacing most in my life? (Professionally? Personally? Entrepreneurially? With my passions?)

2. Is the fear coming from within (my inner critic)? Others (external critics)? Or both?

3. What’s the “refrain” of these inner/external critics that makes me hold back?

4. What’s at stake if I listen to these critics and stay more loyal to my fears than my dreams?

If you’re hungry for more on this topic, check out the following interviews/articles on pushing past fear:
1. LeapCast Interview with Tara Sophia Mohr on Quieting Your Inner Critic (audio interview)
2. Huffington Post article: 5 Ways to Slay Fear (article)
3. Is It Fear or Awe? (article)