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February Feelings Potluck: “Together or Solo: Feeling Fulfilled”

Do any of the following relationship challenges strike a chord?

  • “I find myself putting walls up with my partner when I don’t know how to communicate well.”
  • “I’m not sure how to deal with our differences.”
  • “I used to think in “I”, now I think in “we.”
  • “Sometimes I feel whole on my own, other times I feel like I need a partner to complete me.”
  • “I’m never sure how to best communicate my wants and needs.”

Join LeapCast women on February 8th for an intimate dinner and discussion on these topics and more.  Email leapcastlife@gmail.com to RSVP- only 2 spots remain!

About Feelings Potlucks

Feelings Potlucks are intimate, potluck dinners for change-seeking women!  Every month, LeapCast brings together a select group of extraordinary women to discuss living more boldly, more authentically, and more blissfully!   Over delectable bites, we talk about a specific challenge area– past ones have included pushing past fear, having “enough”, my inner-critic, perfectionism, and worthiness.  Feelings Potlucks are free and open to the first 6 women who RSVP.  More here.