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The Vault: Lessons From My Favorite Dating Experts  


Dating.  It’s tricky. 😐  Earlier this month, I was asked to lead a talk on modern dating featuring advice from my favorite experts including Esther Perel, Jayson Gaddis, Tom and Lisa Bilyeu, Christine Hassler, Mark Groves, & Natalie Lue.  Below are the topics we covered and a link to listen in to the full conversation

1. Dating Apps: Why People Join Them, Who to Like (and More Importantly, Who Not To!), & How to Move From Match to Meeting

2. Approaching People You’re Attracted to in the Real World: Super Simple Conversation Starters

3. The One Thing You MUST Do Before All First Dates 

4. Conversation: What Questions Build Attraction & What to Avoid

5. Games: Why Playing Hard to Get Doesn’t Work & What To Do Instead

6. The Greatest Lessons I’ve Learned From 20+ Years of Dating 👫 (See links below)

      *Ghosted Stories Podcast: Episode #71 with Leah Marshall (Audio)

      *GHOSTED: A Dating Horror Story  (Video)

      *10 Lessons That Made the Heartache Worth It (Blog)

      *F*ck Closure: How to Cope After You’ve Been Ghosted (Blog)

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By day, Leah leads the influencer marketing division of a national marketing association.  In her spare time, she’s a danceaholic and a relationship dynamics junkie who’s authored advice on dating and human connection for media outlets including YourTango, Mend, ManTalks, Daily Urbanista, and more. You can connect with her on Twitter at @LeapCast, on Instagram at @msleahmarshall, and through her blog at https://leapcastlife.wordpress.com/.