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Ghosted Stories: Episode #71 with Leah Marshall

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Owning our story and loving ourself through the process is the bravest thing we will ever do.” ~Brene Brown

Last month, Chelsea White, a producer at MTV’s Girl Code, and Erin Leafe, a New York-based writer, invited me to join them as a guest on their Ghosted Stories podcast.  The show, voted “Best NYC Comedy Podcast” by Time Out NY, gives people who’ve been ghosted an opportunity to share their story, how the experience shaped them, and the lessons they learned along the way.  On this episode, I share my adventures with a man I dated over several months last summer, who then suddenly disappeared.  And then reappeared.  

I talk not only about the heartache I felt but more importantly, how the experience motivated me to become a stronger version of myself, a better partner for my next relationship, and elevate the standards I have for the people in my life.  I also describe the exact steps I took to bounce back and the wisdom I extracted from my favorite teachers throughout the process.  

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Loved this @GhostedStories episode w/ @LeapCast “Sometimes it takes a #heartache to realize you’re worth more than you were settling for. And when you know how much you’re worth, you stop giving people discounts.” Listen in at https://goo.gl/Vp223S @thechelseawhite @erinleafe

See below for links to the authors, books, and resources I reference during the show:






Leah leads influencer marketing for a national marketing association.  Outside of work, she’s a human dynamics junkie who’s authored advice on dating for media outlets including YourTango, Daily Urbanista, ManTalks, Mend, and more. You can connect with her on Twitter at @LeapCast and on Instagram at msleahmarshall.

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