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What To Do If You’ve Been Ghosted 👻

Ghosting. Why do people do it? And if you’ve been ghosted, how do you move on from the experience and evolve?

In this episode of The Way We Connect podcast, I spoke with host Gwyneth Jones about my experiences with ghosting and how one was a massive springboard for my growth and evolution. We also talked about the critical piece that’s missing from so many dating experts’ advice on ghosting. Learning about it was game-changing for my healing so turn up that volume at 23 minutes in 😉.


“It’s so easy to wear the cozy cloak of victimhood when we’ve been ghosted but if we dig deeper, we can often find moments during the relationship where we co-created the dynamic that allowed it to happen.”

Leah leads influencer marketing for a national marketing association. Outside of work, she’s a human dynamics junkie who’s authored dating and relationship content for media outlets including YourTango, ManTalks, Mend, Daily Urbanista, and more. She’s also the founder and leader of the Esther Perel Discussion Group on Facebook, a global community of over 6,000 members who come together in person and online to discuss relationships, sex, dating, desire, and infidelity. You can connect with Leah on Twitter at @LeapCast and on Instagram at @msleahmarshall.

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Ask Me Anything About: Sex w/ Chris Maxwell Rose

So many of the messages we receive about sex are rooted in performance and shame.  I had the honor of speaking with Chris Maxwell Rose, the founder of the Speaking of Sex podcast, about how we can move towards sex that’s rooted in connection and authenticity. She answered questions about porn, sexual fantasies, healing from sexual trauma, sexual incompatibility, and why it’s so much easier for people to have sex than to talk about it. Click the link below to listen in! 🎧 Tune in to the Speaking of Sex podcast and download their free online Erotic Essentials course at: https://www.pleasuremechanics.com/