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LeapCast is a catalytic community for people looking to live more boldly and authentically in their relationship and lives.

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leah with coffeeAbout Leah Marshall,
Founder, LeapCast

…Inspired by people who have overcome the impossible, tackled the unthinkable, survived & thrived after failure, & made sense of the world in extraordinary ways.

…Trying to get better at the tricky balance between always wanting to push myself and feeling content with where I’m at.

…Fascinated by human connection, comebacks, and people who see potential, not problems.

Leah leads influencer marketing programming for a national marketing association. Outside of work, she’s a relationship dynamics and human connection junkie who’s authored stories on dating for media outlets including YourTango, Daily Urbanista, ManTalks, Mend, and more.

Leah’s loves include dancing, tennis, boxing, yoga, and podcasts– her favorites include: The School of Greatness, Impact Theory, The Model Health Show, & Over It and On With it.  You can connect with Leah on Twitter at @LeapCast.

Questions about LeapCast?  Contact Leah at leapcastlife (at) gmail.com.


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