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LeapCast Podcast

Stories to help you illuminate limiting beliefs & take action on what makes you come alive

LeapCast is a podcast that takes you into the minds of extraordinary people who’ve pushed past their doubts and fears and taken a personal leap to do or create what makes them come alive.  Through my guests’ stories of what’s possible, I aim to help you push past your own doubts and fears so you can fill your life with what ignites you. 

leahleapcastLeapCast Episode #1 (May 2013): Leah Marshall

For the launch episode of the LeapCast Podcast, Jill Howe of Story Sessions will be interviewing host Leah Marshall to learn more about the vision behind LeapCast, the inspiration for the podcast, and the incredible community that LeapCast serves.

Bela Gandhi WEB smallLeapCast Episode #2 (June 2013): Bela Gandhi

Bela took an unconventional leap to leave a high-powered career with Arthur Andersen to pursue her passion: helping people find love and live their best lives.  Now, The Huffington Post refers to Bela as “The Fairy Godmother of Dating.”  She’s a frequent contributor to CNN, ABC News, Fox News, Crain’s, and Match.com, and is the founder and President of Smart Dating Academy.  Tune in to learn about Bela’s leap from the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur, how Bela helps her clients push past their own limiting beliefs, and the tools Bela uses to bounce back from failure.

chantalLeapCast Episode #3 (July 2013): Chantal Pierrat

Chantal Pierrat is the visionary founder of Emerging Women Live, a 3-day convening of transformational women leaders that features many of my personal heroes, including Brene Brown, Kelly McGonigal, Tara Sophia Mohr, and Kristen Neff.  Tune in to learn what inspired Chantal to start Emerging Women Live, the fears that surfaced as she was launching, and how she pushed past them.

tara0398LeapCast Episode #4 (August 2013): Tara Sophia Mohr

Tara specializes in women’s leadership and is a coach, a personal growth expert, and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post.  Her acclaimed leadership program, Playing Big, has helped hundreds of women play big in their own lives, in their careers, and in their world.   Tara’s writing and thought leadership has been featured in Forbes, the Harvard Business Review, and The Atlantic. I invited Tara on to LeapCast because her work touches on so many of the topics that are challenging for LeapCast women: not settling for a B+ life, pushing past our fears as we pursue big dreams, and dialing up the boldness and juiciness of our visions for ourselves and for our lives.

me2LeapCast Episode #5 (September 2013): Brian Hill

Brian is the co-founder of Jail Education Solutions, a visionary venture that seeks to revolutionize the jail experience for inmates by replacing the daytime television that normally fills their lives with world-class programming, like TED Talks and other videos designed to inform, inspire, and activate our best selves.  In this interview, you’ll learn about Brian’s unusual path from Northwestern Law School to becoming an emerging social entrepreneur, and the hurdles he’s had to tackle along the way.
Brooke VLeapCast Episode #6 (December 2013): Brooke Vuckovic
Brooke is an executive coach dedicated to helping emerging and experienced leaders define their purpose and presence.  I invited Brooke to join me on LeapCast because she brings an expert and compassionate perspective to the topics that come up again and again in LeapCast conversations:
“My vocation isn’t my passion!”
“I wish I could drown out the negative self-talk in my head!”
“How can I quiet my inner critic?”
In this interview, you’ll learn how to unfreeze yourself from inaction paralysis, why adopting a scientist approach to life can be game-changing, and why we don’t find our tribes, we claim them.
jen croppedLeapCast Episode #7 (February 2014)Jennifer Louden
Jennifer Louden is a personal growth pioneer and a renowned author on well-being and whole living.  I invited Jen to join me on LeapCast because she brings an expert and loving perspective to topics that come up again and again in LeapCast conversations, like how to balance constantly pushing yourself with resting and recharging and our personal journey to feeling like we are enough, like we have enough, and like we’ve achieved enough.  In this interview, you’ll learn what to do as an entrepreneur when your venture feels more like a prison than a passion, how to become bolder about facing the uncomfortable in your life head-on, and how to find your “more”.   
kanyaLeapCast Episode #8 (May 2014)Kanya Balakrishna

For the past 13 years, Kanya has been teaching, mentoring, and supporting young people to dare to dream in ways that others say are impossible.  Kanya is Co-Founder of The Future Project, a nonprofit organization that seeks to transform schools into the most inspiring places on earth.  Tune in to this interview to learn how.
LeapCast Episode #9 (Feb. 2019): Dr. Shefali Tsabary
Dr. Shefali Tsabary is one of the most paradigm-shifting, provocative voices on self-awareness and human dynamics. She believes that our relationships are mirrors to our inner selves. We attract just the right people into our lives to ignite the self-work and lessons we need. We can either use our relationships to awaken to our patterns, decode them, and to heal, or to numb out with addictions, distractions, and avoidance so that we don’t expose and feel our wounds. Our relationships are calls for us to wake up to who it is we truly are. But because we often look to relationships for social status, validation, and to make us feel whole and complete, when the relationship inevitably ends, we feel empty. The solution? Dr. Shefali’s approach doesn’t look to the other to meet our needs but rather to the self. In our conversation, we discussed how our childhood experiences shape our adult choices and reactions, the confines of marriage, co-creative responsibility in infidelity, and why no one can truly betray you.
LeapCast Episode #10 (December 2019): Mark Groves

screen-shot-2019-12-15-at-7.22.20-pm Mark Groves (@createthelove) is one of my favorite voices on relationships and human connection. Mark and I met up in Chicago as part of his 2019 Loving Bravely Book Club tour to chat about his defining moments, relationship endings, and sustaining desire and curiosity in long-term relationships.
connor-beaton-interview-imageLeapCast Episode #11 (December 2019): Connor Beaton
Connor Beaton (@connor.beaton + @mantalks on Instagram) is the founder of ManTalks and one of my favorite voices on men’s work and self-mastery in the relationship space. Connor sat down together for a candid conversation on “the shadow,” the disowned parts of ourself that become the source of our pain, suffering, and addiction. We touched on how the shadow forms and develops, how it manifests differently in men and women, and how our relationship with our shadow impacts our intimacy, sex life, and more.  If you found value in this conversation, I’d love for you to share what stood out on social media (@msleahmarshall on Instagram), and for you to pass it along to a friend. More on Connor Beaton at: https://connorbeaton.com.
taking-sexy-back-promo-imageLeapCast Episode #12 (January 2020): Dr. Alexandra Solomon  
Dr. Alexandra Solomon (@dr.alexandra.solomon on IG) is one of the leading psychologists on relationships and intimacy, known for her groundbreaking undergraduate course, Marriage 101, and for her appearances on The Today Show, NPR, in Oprah Magazine, The Atlantic, Vogue, and on the TED stage. She’s also the author of Loving Bravely and the soon to be released, Taking Sexy Back. I sat down with Alexandra to chat about everything from dating and relationships, to marriage, sex, pleasure, and reconnecting with our erotic selves. If you found value in this conversation, I’d love for you to share what stood out on social media (@msleahmarshall on Instagram), and for you to pass it along to a friend. More on Dr. Alexandra Solomon at: http://www.dralexandrasolomon.com/

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